Anna Chen’s public relations company was set up in 2010 to handle her growing number of promotional projects. Beginning in the late 1990s when she applied skills learnt watching seasoned PRs publicising her career as a writer and performer, her work took flight in a groundbreaking series of successes in the political arena: the London Socialist Alliance mayoral and GLA election campaign; the Socialist Alliance general election campaign; the Foot & Mouth Disease smear against the UK Chinese community; and the UK anti-war movement, culminating in the massive February 2003 demonstration. Since then she has broken several authors in the public eye, including Greg Palast and Loretta Napoleoni, and continues to represent artists such as author and musician Charles Shaar Murray, Blast Furnace & The Heatwaves, and Crosstown Lightnin’. Yindimedia is highly selective in who and what it promotes, but if you have something interesting Anna feels the world should know about, she’ll pile in on your behalf.

Anna Chen
Born and raised in Hackney, London. In other lives, a writer and broadcaster. Columnist for New Internationalist magazine. Makes occasional programmes for BBC Radio. Shortlisted for the Orwell Prize for Blogging 2010. First British Chinese comedienne to appear on UK TV (Fist Of Fun, BBC2 1996), and to take a solo show to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival with Suzy Wrong — Human Cannon in 1994. Established and ran the anti-war press operation in the UK 2001-2003.
Contact: anna@yindimedia.com

Oliver Shykles: Associate
Writer, researcher, campaigner, documentary producer, photographer and blogger with extensive experience of working within both European and US political spheres for highly respected organisations and individuals including Corporate Europe Observatory and Greg Palast.
Contact: oliver@yindimedia.com

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